Meath CARE Clubhouse

External Clubhouse | The mid February completion date nears for the clubhouse and pool complex. The modern design, materials, are utilised to promote it as a point of difference and act as a central attraction to the site. 

The pool is protected by a spanning opaque poly carbonate sheeting system, that will provide a well-lit space for future activities.



Corinthian Court ILU's

Internal street view facing west, with articulated architectural forms.

Corinthian Court Facade | Some of the roof form and colours taking shape.

Corinthian Court | Typical free form kitchen, dining and lounge with two directional natural light.






West Arthur HRC

Modern front façade taking shape in Darkan, complementing the existing street scape.

The narrative of new and old is apparent with existing structures in the background and a clean modern construction taking shape in the foreground. Palettes are harmoniously matched.

Modern architectural window reveals, providing an engaging façade that frames vistas both in and out.



Gary Batt observing construction of the basement level of the Meath Care Como project.

Formwork now being assembled above the basement. House ’A’ in the background is progressing nicely.

Steel framing system on the first floor of house ‘A’.  Designed with a radially orientated activity/lounge room. The curved face is facing out into an internal courtyard.