Client:                              Alzheimer's WA

Location:                          N/A

Description:                     Alzheimer’s WA Apartment for ADI Conference 2015

Construction Value:         N/A

Status:                             Completed 2015

Alzheimer's WA Apartment model was designed for the 2015 ADI Conference. The design was conceived around a fictuous couple, Max and Barbara designing for both the specific needs of someone with Alzheimer's and general ageing.

A good even spread of light minimising the potential for dark corners was achieved through two directional lighting. It also prevents concentration of light coming through one source creating glare. Wide door opening between the bedroom and lounge were designed for clear visibility and easier access.

The toilet is also located so it can easily be seen from the bed for night time cueing along with larger shower space to enable assistance if required. Additionally, flush thresholds were applied throughout along with a free form, open kitchen lounge and dining for flexible furniture arrangement.



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